Date: 4th April 2007 at 5:37pm
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With the dust barely beginning to settle after the Phil Parkinson farce, we at Vital Huddersfield ask, where to now, or probably more importantly who to now ?

It is to be hoped that the other candidates interviewed are willing to accept the position even knowing they were not first choice.
Also, surely it is better for the Club and its supporters to have found out that Phil Parkinson wasn’t the man for the job in this way, rather than a few months down the line when the damage would have been even greater.

Clearly Phil Parkinson has lost confidence in himself post Hull City, and when offered the job might well have panicked a little at the thought of posssibly failing again and ending any future managerial aspirations

The handling of this affair does seem to be quite farcical, with the club calling a press conference to announce the appointment of a new manager who has still to sign a contract.
Although why the club should be ridiculed for trusting someone’s word is a little alarming, and as one of our members has said in the postings on the Parkinson articles, does comment more about the state of life in Britain in 2007 rather than the abilities of our Board.

We sincerely hope Andy Ritchie who by all accounts was the candidate just pipped by Phil Parkinson will accept the position if offered, otherwise it looks like its carry on Gerry Murphy (which isn’t such a bad thing !), and back to square one and probably starting the interview process all over again.

Please let us have your thoughts on the situation.


4 Replies to “Huddersfield-No Parkinson, now what?”

  • why come to 2 interviews then, oh hang about, could the new better deal at the valley be it, better small time than dishonest.

  • If Ritchie doesn’t accept, and we have to start the interviews again, we should send the expenses and bills for the process to Parkinson at Charlton

  • Time wasting, money grabbing, chick chick chick chick chicken, ill wet myself if Charlton go down.

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