Date: 26th February 2007 at 11:30pm
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Looking at the FL1 table today I couldn’t help but be struck by the fact that the top two places were occupied by Scunthorpe and Yeovil.

I am not trying to denigrate or disrespect these two sides, but neither one of these clubs could be considered powerhouses of the modern game, or many other eras come to that.

Indeed if we were to look back at league tables of years gone by, whilst Scunthorpe would be found in the lower tiers of league football, Yeovil were not a football league side until a few short years ago, before this they were usually considered the non league potential conquerors of league opposition in cup games.

Also I do feel that if you had asked a cross section of supporters who would be leading FL1 at this stage, I doubt that outside these two towns you would have found many votes for them.

The FL1 table makes even more interesting viewing when you see the once all conquering Notingham Forest siting at third place and Bristol City a club from one of our big cities (so big they have 2 teams!) in fourth place, behind the Iron and the Glovers.

Yeovils average attendance this season is 5805, Scunthorpes 5051, Forest weigh in at 20156 and City at 11626.

I believe this current situation to be very healthy for all who love football, for it shows that if you have a good side well managed, it is possible to overcome the handicap of less finance and support than some of the larger traditionally successful clubs.

Well done to both Scunthorpe and Yeovil for their success so far this season and for giving all of us who watch or follow football some hope for the future progression of the game and indeed our own clubs.


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