Date: 28th February 2007 at 10:55pm
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As far as we at Vital are concerned it doesn’t get much more conclusive than this.

Thankyou to all who contributed to this latest poll which has seen the clearest and biggest response so far, which is testament to you the fans and the growing popularity of Vital football.

We don’t know if anyone from the club keeps tabs on the site, if not they should because here is a clear indication from those who pay good money to support the team, what you believe is wrong, and it should make unpleasant reading for Peter Jackson, with 3 out of 5 people thinking that our tactics have been wrong this season.

This is not suprising when you consider the strength of the squad, some of the very good youngsters we have and the position we find ourselves in the league.

We could go on but will leave you with a couple of examples of what we believe have been very confusing management decisions

We had four strikers until Abbott was sold to Swansea, up to this point Peter Jackson continued to persevere with playing one up front, about the time Abbott was sold, when we only have three strikers he switched to playing two upfront ?, and claimed that Booth and Beckett were the strike pairing to strike fear into opposing defences, despite only starting them a handful of times together in 30+ games ?

We also had the situation with the holding midfield player and the changing formations, Mark Hudson seemed to be pivotal to this Jackson tactic, then this is abandoned and Hudson told he can leave the club !

We agree with you the voters, if we had employed better tactics this season we would certainly be higher in the league than we are, and our talents such as they are at the club have been misused and squandered.
Peter Jackson take note.

And don’t get us onto substitutions !

What has gone wrong this season
Poor tactics 75%
Too many injuries/suspensions 4%
Playes are not good enough 13%
Nothing, we just expected too much 3%
Dont Know 1%
Failure to add quality to the squad 4%