Date: 20th April 2016 at 4:01pm
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Head coach David Wagner has said he can ‘accept’ the point against Rotherham United because it was what Huddersfield deserved yesterday evening.

Making the trip to the New York Stadium for the game, the hosts took the lead and Huddersfield had to battle back for a share of the spoils, and for Wagner he knew it was an interesting match from the point of view of two contrasting footballing styles being on display.

Speaking to the Official Site in his post game press conference with the result secured with another Nakhi Wells goal, he explained.

‘I think it wasn`t one of the best football matches I have ever seen, but it was one of the best fights. We asked ourselves whether we were able to deliver the right fighting attitude and I think the lads did it today, so I was very happy and pleased with this. Hopefully our centre backs don`t have headaches after the game! They used their heads a lot today in this game, but this is exactly what their job is. The most important thing, which they delivered today, was to stay focused and concentrated from the first whistle to the last. If they didn`t for one moment, you can get a problem. They did their jobs from set pieces and throw-ins, which were the biggest threat.’

Wagner admits that some elements to the play were sloppy from us and mistakes were made but again he was pleased with the attitude on show, and of course, not everything in a game is always perfect.

‘Of course, we were a little bit sloppy and made a lot of mistakes in our ball possession and first touch. To dominate more than we did – even though we had 65% possession – we could have been better with our first touch. At the end, I think we tried everything and showed a good fighting attitude to come from 1-0 down. When you are 1-0 down away at Rotherham it isn`t the easiest challenge on the pitch. I can accept this result and performance, even though we know it wasn`t one of our best days.’

With Wells also having the ball in the net late on, before it was ruled out for offside, Wagner admits he didn’t know at the time whether he was on or off, but with replays it was a good decision – sadly.

‘I wasn`t able to see if it was offside or not from my position. It was a great combination from Nahki and Pato, when we had a good first touch, delivery and finish, but I have now seen the clip and it was offside.’

As for Rotherham’s style under Neil Warnock, he went on to say.

‘This is one style, which is different compared with ours. Rotherham has found a way that has been successful and although it isn`t the one I prefer, everybody has their own idea. It is difficult, because you know exactly what will happen but it is still hard to play against. Every throw-in is dangerous and set-pieces can always happen. We had to learn to handle the opponent that plays with this style and today we tried our best. I think we can make it better, especially in the first 15 minutes. You have to make sure you have a good transition on the counter-attack and we had a few opportunities today. We tried to prepare as good as we can for this game, but when you are on the pitch and the ball is more in the air it is something different. What really helps against this opponent is getting in front, which didn`t happen today. At the end, I think we deserved this point. I`m very pleased how we came back into the game.’

With Chris Loewe already having joined up for next season, he went on to say that as Huddersfield continue to build as a side, players like him will need time as matches like Rotherham in the Championship will be a culture shock, as the Bundesliga isn’t really like that.

‘I think they will be surprised how some games happen in the Championship, but they will be professional enough to adapt very quickly. They`ve seen a lot of clips when I meet them to prepare them for the British style, but to be honest there are not a lot of teams playing this style in the Championship. Ipswich plays a little bit like this team, but this is extreme.’

So the future, and three games remaining in the season, he added.

‘Today we took a step forward in playing a very physical game and showing a very strong fighting attitude. On the other side, we have a lot of steps to go to dominate this opponent and keep the ball better in order to create better chances than we did. We are critical enough with ourselves to know we have a lot of work to do. From my side, we are still at the beginning of our journey – which is exciting! We trust and believe in this squad.’

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