Ticket Prices – Are they set to fall

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Some Premiership clubs are cutting ticket prices, although their initiatives are unlikely to be copied by the biggest and most successful clubs. Sports minister Richard Caborn has been at the forefront of something of a campaign to cut ticket prices, warning that fans will stop coming to games if prices stop rising. However, the Premiership points out that the problem is not a universal one with attendances still running at 92 per cent of capacity.

Blackburn have slashed season ticket prices by 25 per cent in a giveaway that will cost the club £1 million, made possible by next year’s boost in television revenues. The result is that some seat prices are now pitched at 2001 levels, with the cheapest adult season ticket costing £249 and for the most expensive £399.

Sheffield United are offering discounts of up to £167 for early season ticket purchase while Bolton have announced reductions worth an average of ten per cent with the top season ticket down to £449 for 1997-8. Everton are offering an average 10 per cent reduction on season tickets bought in April with prices frozen at this season’s level thereafter.

However, such schemes don’t work if the product isn’t right. Bradford City opened a one month window for fans to buy season tickets for next season at just £138 or £6 a game. At the closing deadline, which was extended for two weeks, only 5,000 of the 10,000 minimum needed had signed up.

The big four clubs predictably have no plans to offer discounts, a season ticket at the Bridge can cost up to £1,150. At Old Trafford figures forecast in the business plan suggested that, after a controversial 12.5 per cent rise on general access seats this season, prices for next season should increase by 2.5 per cent (70p for a £28 ticket). Prices are planned to rise by 5 per cent a season until 2012 when a once and for all 9.5 per cent increase is planned.

What all this suggests is that the laws of supply and demand work in football.

We at Vital welcome this trend

What do you think of the ticket prices at Huddersfield Town, League 1 clubs and generally ?

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