Date: 28th February 2007 at 9:16pm
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So you want to be a football manager ?

Think you can do a better job that Peter Jackson.

Think you can handle the pressure.

Make all the right decisions, hire and fire, deal with the chairman, the fans, the money, the media

Here is an interview with Iain Dowie, that we think illustrates how football management can and will scramble your brain.

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4 Replies to “So you think you can cope”

  • yes i was a man but now im not sure its all gone a bit blurry, monkeys yes aah, songs and singing, who can fault the comitment, the jungle thats where they come from you know, bananas and monkeys, rest no i dont need it, time to change things yet ron, thanks for the interview, yes, yes no, non, no. Oh thanks I will have a pint of Bacardi, no ice though, its cold you know ….

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