Date: 15th May 2008 at 5:45pm
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Well here we are again, the delights of the post-season speculation!

With the arrival of Ternent, who apparently has, ‘ a great track record in buying and selling players to assemble promotion-winning squads'(Docherty), rumours are flying all over the place so i though i’d show you all of them for you to have a gander at. Whether they are true or Ternent will be able to attract them remains to be seen…

Liam Dickinson (Stockport) – A pacy 22 year old striker who has look incredibly promising in league two, scoring 19 goals in 35 appearances. Jeppo has been scouting him for some time so he could be a strong possibility.

Kevin lisbie (Colchester) – This guy has been around a bit (28) but knows where the back of the net is (scoring 17 goals last season). Could be a possibility with Colchester dropping down to league one.

Darren Huckerby (Ex Norwich) – The 32 year old is still pacy and still finds the back of the net and so was a surprise release from Norwich. He may drop down to league one but he will probably end up at a team like Notts Forrest.

An Ex England Midfielder’ – This is a very strong rumour but no one seems to know which midfielder it is. Considering you only need one cap to qualify as a past England midfielder it could be anyone really but its a question of watch this space with this one!

Chris Lucketti (Sheff U) – This is also a very strong rumour with Lucketti regarded by some as a good replacement for Page;s experience at the back. Lucketti being an ex town player does this rumour no harm.

Matt Jensen (ex Bolton/Ny Red Bulls) – Jansen has been linked with the terriers so many times its hard to think there is any truth in this one, but we’ll see.

Richard Offiong (Hamilton) – This 23 year old is a prolific striker in Scotland, scoring 21 goals in 40 starts last season. His pace and power would be ideal for league one and his wages are likely to be lower then some of the other rumours mentioned.

Aaron McLean (Peterborough) – Maybe a one season wonder with his excellent performance last season but it has warranted a rumoured link with Town next season. Peterborough are likely to hold onto him unless a championship club comes in so this rumour is unlikely to materialise into anything.

So that’s it. These are the latest rumours that have been circulating, let me know what you think. if you have any more rumours that I missed out (I’m sure there are many more) let us know.

Many thanks to member ‘R Kid’ for this article


20 Replies to “Latest Huddersfield Town transfer rumours”

  • Richard Offiong would be well good! He is strong and very quick which is someone we need!

  • I just heard andy cole? what does anyone think? DICKINSON would be a good signing. KRIS COMMONS excellent! doubt it though

  • Cole, as in the vet who played at Burnley (surprise) this last season.
    . I thought we needed pace in the team.

  • Thanks for your comments everyone! Cole could be a possibility Tiown Fan 82, but i cannot see the logic in Commons moving to town when Forrest have just been promoted and other championship clubs are after him. Knowing Town, i would put a big bet on none of the mentioned players being here at the start of next season, but we’ll see how it goes.

  • Andy cole, Chris Lucketti, like ive said Ternents best days are many years ago, like his contacts.

  • like arsenal showed last season, you need experience in your team or they wont be able to keep going through out the season. experienced players can help the young ones, especially in big occasions. old heads are a necesity (spelt right?)

  • Agree old heads are needed, its the number we might get the worries me. One or two fine, six or seven not so fine.

  • still dont want to be tight as cramp, now we got some money in the coiffers lets spend a bit, speculation leads to accumulation. I been banging on about this kid for a while now and nicky maynard from crewe is just the sort of striker town need, young , pacey and fearless, come on stan, sign him while he is reasonably priced , before its too late, remember marcus stewart.

  • cant see many of the players on that list coming to town until next year when we have proved we can really get in to the championship

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