Date: 3rd January 2009 at 1:52pm
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I Love the transfer window, and with a young ambitious manager
and excellent coaching staff in place i’ve never been more optimistic
about Town’s future. Clark and McDermott have already stated they have
targets in mind but it is highly likely that several players will have to
leave before any more come in!

Here are the lartest rumours flying about linking players in and out of

Players in:


1). Cody MacDonald (Dartford) – has potential but is that what we need
right now?

2). Greg Pearson (Burton) – Clarke and McDermott have been watching but i
hope not!

3). Jamie Cureton (Norwich) – Would be excellent imo but after a
successfull loan spell is strongly linked to Barnsley

4). Kevin Phillips (Birmingham) – This rumour is based on him coming in a
player coach capacity. You never know but i highly doubt it!

5). Shola Ameobi (Newcastle) – Clarke was looking at him when he was at
Norwich but that is obviously a different situation.

6). Andy Corroll (Newcastle) – see above.

7). Danny Graham (Carlisle) – Carlisle are in a spot of financial trouble
i think so i would expect him to move on. He is a proven goalscorer at
this level but whather Clarke would be interested i don’t know.

8) Jamie Ward (Chesterfield) – Been excellent for Chesterfield so far but
i doubt he will be a revelation in league one.


Steve Harper (Newcastle) – Eventhough he stated he would like to stay the
last time he was here, if Given goes so does this rumour.

Players out:

1). John Worthington (Lincoln) – big favourite with Jackson and struggling
to get in the team.

2). Tom Clarke (Bradford) – relatively successfull spell with them whilst
on loan.

3). Michael Collins (Cardiff) – don’t know the reasoning behind this but
you never know. Wasn’t he rumoured with them some time ago?

4). Alex Smithies (Chelsea) – This would not be a sensible move for him
imo, but there you go!

5). Malvin Kamara (Port Vale) – Can’t get in the team so i would be happy
if this is true.

Personally, i would like to see Cureton in and Worthington, Clarke and
Kamara out. What does everyone think. Anyone heard any other rumours?

Many Thanks to Vital Huddersfield member R Kid for this article, keep them coming!

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27 Replies to “In’s &Out’s at Huddersfield Toon?”

  • clark is definately going to bradford. Cody McDonald was watched as I reported the other day but we will only sign him if we dont get our main target who is………..wait for it…..Dean Windass……..We are i negotiations with him now and may sign him as early as next week but forest are also looking at him so it may come down to the player. He had lunch with Deano you may have remembered me revealing exclusively around end nov 08…….

  • i have heard we are making moove for andy carroll (newcastle) on loan until the end of the season and we could sign within the next week

  • I’ll trust you on that one Pharmer, I’ve heard Danny Graham may be possible, as mentioned above in the article. financial difficulties all round with most clubs mean that we may have a slight upper hand? who knows. anyone else heard anything?

  • Graham wud be good i think, all i know is mr Clark is keepin this one close to his chest, and Pharmer is spot on Windass did have a meal with dean! player/Coach :O!!!! Wait n see!

  • IF it is as a player/coach then fair enough, signing him just as a striker…I don’t know. I mean his play off final goal, (I think we all remember) was a great goal, volley, edge of the box, top corner, which proves his eye for goal and not to mention his goal record. only thing thats putting me off a bit, (and only just a little bit, still would be a good signing) is his age :/ what does everyone else think?

  • This is the billionth time Mr Windass has been linked with our beloved Town(first time he signed for sadford) over the last decade +….If he was comming to Town with genuine desire to play for our beloved club then he would have signed years ago obviously his only incentive (should he sign) would be for the money,dispite his obvious proven ability I say ditch the SCUM BAG!!!!!!!!!

  • haha pretty confident Pharmer…are you really that in the know that he’s coming…I duno, guess we’ll see what happens. heard anything on Danny Graham at all? or any other targets? Clark seems to be keeping it very close to his chest.

  • Suppose on the basis that you can get away with putting the boot in more in the lower divisions without getting carded then i cant see there being a problem Dean1..

  • let worthington go, just kicks people and gets sent off….league 2 is ideal for him,think windass still has the goals in him to fire us to the playoffs = suddenly town leg end!.

  • have also heard the worthington rumour unless he starts to get a look in. it was either lincoln or bradford but i think he wouldnt go to bradford. and also that collins was wanted by wolves???

    Not sure about the kamara one as he is in our squad at moment on the bench but i would want him to go to free up the wages.

    any more transfer news 24??

  • tbh I’d pay another club to take Kamara =] haha
    even tho worthy is a blue through and through, we can do better now. his shooting has always been awful. get some cash for a couple players, then make a big signing…done deal 😉

  • ii have heard that chelsea r seriously considering making a bid for alex smithies and have had scouts watching recently hopefully we wont sell

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