Date: 7th February 2008 at 9:23pm
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Where the Premiership goes the Football League follows, don’t be too surprised to see this change coming into force for the Championship FL1 & FL2 and therefore the terriers games before too long.

Huddersfield might need to buy a bigger bench for the substitutes to sit on soon.

Premier League clubs will be allowed to name seven substitutes in matches from the start of next season.
The change replicates the regulations in European and International games.

The Premier League agreed to discuss the issue, amid concerns that it would favour clubs with big squads.

The new regulations gained a majority vote at a Premier League board meeting overnight.

Premier League voting rules required 14 out of the 20 member clubs to back any suggested rule changes.

Coaches will still be able to use a maximum of three of them.

Good thing, bad thing, what’s your view ?

Do you think the Football League will follow suit ? They could just bring in the rule for the Championship to prevent smaller clubs and squads from being disadvantaged.

Will the rule changes in favour of clubs with the most cash to splash ever end ?


4 Replies to “Huddersfield to buy a Bigger Bench ?”

  • Players are bigger, stronger, fitter, quicker, injuries are therefore more frequent and more serious, its another good idea. We all have to move forward, hope they introduce it in FL1.

  • its not like we need one more person on the bench, because it’ll only be an academy lad that aint got a chance of coming on, its a good idea for the premier league, but i’m not too sure its required in league one, oh and that premier league abroad idea= UTTER RUBBISH

  • I dont know I think it needs to be an across the board move It would be good experience for any of the young lads to be involved day to day at any club it doesnt matter if they never come on it will just serve as to whet their appetite So i would hope to see it passed down to us OH and yes the league games abroad is ridiculous see my other post for what i think!!!

  • Absolute drivel,something the yanks would think of….We’ll be having 4 quarters,and bigger goal posts next…

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