Date: 14th March 2007 at 11:17pm
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Lets just dream for a little while

Its a few years down the line and some managers and players have come and gone, but the dream you really only ever dared to dream has come true and Huddersfield Town are walking out at the newly re-named stadium ‘Pizza Hut’ for their first game in the premiership or the top flight as was in over fourty years. Resplendent in the new Americano Deep Dish Home kit.

We have got a good chance of doing well this year what with all the money the new financial pizza backers have ploughed into the club.
We have some of the best young European talent in our side and a manager who although his English is not yet that good, is doing wonders for the club in attracting the best Mediterranean talent available.

There is a vibrancy about the Town and the clubs new slogan ‘We are deep dish not shortcrust its win or bust at Town’s Pizza Hut’ has injected some humour.

You remember how your dad told you about the last time Town were in the old First Division all those years ago, with local lads as the teams stars, Frank Worthington and Trevor Cherry, Roy Ellam, and Les Chapman. How Frankie Worthington used to drive down Leeds Road in his flash sports car making his way to the game stopping and chatting with the fans through his side window, just having a laugh with everyone.

Of course its a bit different now, and you prefer to ignore those rumours of star striker Julio Grande Contracto building his dream home that’s due for completion in the next year, because he says he loves the club and his family love it here, and no he knows nothing of a house back in the homeland being built.

Most of the players live in the Gated community built recently on the outskirts of Town, but the security gaurds are ok with the fans and allow you to roam around outside the walls.

New signing Aaron Buckmeister the powerhouse centre back from America, has pledged his future to the club for the next two years, well as long as the wrangle over his sponsorship rights are sorted out.

Anyway we have made it, here we are, its top flight tootball, against London’s best Crystal Champagne Palace now sponsored by the drinks giant of course.

This is it Huddersfield Town are back in the big time just like you knew they would be, yes £75 is a lot for a ticket, but its worth the missus not getting that new pair of shoes just to be here today.

Then you wake up and realise you were dreaming or was that a nightmare, you feel a bit strange.

Just a thought !!!!!!!!!!


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