Huddersfield – Change is Gonna Come

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Trying to put a positive on yesterdays inadequate displays against Forest is difficult.

However the seasons and indeed histories of clubs are littered with examples of heavy defeats being the catalyst for dramatic change for the good.

Hopefully this will be the case with the terriers, a period of reflection and honest appraisal is needed by the management, players and staff to really assess what is going wrong.

Clearly something needs to change, whether it be the manager, the coaching staff, a change of coaching techniques, new players, or re-motivation. A change in tactical approaches to games, or different man management techniques.
Even a new look at the stadium to inject some much needed atmosphere, nothing should be ruled out.

Vitals view is that the game yesterday could be the watershed for the club, and that they need to grasp the opportunity to re assess all aspects of the club. Go back to square one and build a new future.

The club still has the nucleus of a talented set of young players, and an academy set up to be envied.

We would like to think that things can only get better.

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